About Aunex

Aunex, Inc. was established in late 2019 with the mindset of offering an alternative product line that is proudly designed in the USA. Utilizing the latest technological advancements in product engineering and backed by rigorous product testing. Each Aunex product will set a new standard in high performance audio while providing you with many years of listening enjoyment. With 5 distinct series of amplifiers, whether you are looking to add high quality audio in your Automotive, Motorcycle, Marine or Powersports application, Aunex has you covered. The Team at Aunex takes great pride in presenting you a new alternative choice to embrace your audio lifestyle.

Meet the Team

Steven Bach

Steven’s passion for the industry started in in the late eighties when he was first bit by Car Audio bug back in High School. “If you wanted to get noticed back then, having a loud system was one of the best ways to achieve that. Back then it was audio system first and then rims, tint, lowering and exhaust.” Being in the industry for over 25 years, Steven brings a great wealth of knowledge to Aunex. “I have been extremely blessed to have established such a strong network of friends, customers and suppliers from all over the world, so now it is time that I share my passion for audio by offering all of my experience to Aunex.” Steven’s philosophy for product design and product development is to hold the company to high standard in performance, utilizing the latest in high quality parts and product design. “Aunex is a family owned and operated company, so we all know the value of having partners that supports this vision and we will always go above and beyond to satisfy the needs of our customers base. Our Moto is to make the world sound better, one system at a time.” If you share the same values that Aunex stands for, then it is time to Declare Your Independence!

Hoey Nguy

With over 15 years of management and accounting experience, Hoey has worked with private businesses throughout various industries. Hoey has a proven track record to effectively supervise teams, oversees daily operations to ensure that workflow is processed both efficiently and accurately. Highly proficient in payroll processing, general ledger, A/R and A/P and financial reports, her dedication and accuracy will help the Aunex team and its customers to have confidence that their finances are in good hands and will be handled with the utmost professionality. Her most outstanding job qualities are her diligence, work ethics and her ability to communicate with people.

Tiffany Nguy

Tiffany is excited to be part of the Aunex team. She shoulders a variety of tasks and responsibilities. Tiffany handles the front desk duties and help support our sales team managing customers’ requests and orders. Her bright smile and positive energy are the first thing you’ll notice when coming to Aunex. Tiffany is friendly, knowledgeable and has great customer service skills. “Your best shot at happiness, self-worth and personal satisfaction-the things that constitute real success-is not in earning as much as you can but in performing as well as you for can something that you consider worthwhile.”

Gilbert Muñoz

Gilbert is our Warehouse and Shipping Manager tasked to ensure that all shipments are processed efficiently with the customers’ best interest in mind. Gilbert has held several key management positions over the course of the last 15 years, so he brings a great wealth of knowledge to Aunex. “My priority to ensure all orders are shipped on a timely manner, keeping track of inventory and all things logistics.” Gilbert is an outdoors’s men enjoying hobbies as camping, fishing, off-roading, and hunting.

Esther Lin

Esther is Aunex’s Accounts Assistant. She holds a MAS in Business Administration with a concentration in accounting. She has over 7 years of experience in book-keeping, accounting services, payroll services, budgeting and her duties also include small business administration. Esther has a passion to service customers to ensure that they are up to date with their accounts. People who interact with Esther quickly realize that she is a great listener and equally important a team player. Her sense of humor energizes the staff at Aunex and surely will be welcomed to Aunex team of reps and customers. Her personal interests including hiking, watching movies, cooking and spending time with family and friends.

Technical Support

Our dedicated technical support has years of hands-on research experience in both basic and applied research to help you achieve your objectives. Get pre-sales assistance for product selection, or discuss product protocols and applications, post-sales interpretation of data, and resolution of technical issues.


The engineers at Aunex are tasked to design, test and ensure that each product meets the rigorous standards demanded by our customer base. Currently the Aunex engineering team consist of an Acoustic and an Electrical engineer who are both well experienced and has contributed their talents for their other clients and are extremely instrumental in our industry from the early 90’s to present.

Mario Bugarin

Mario Bugarin is the International Sales Director for Aunex. Mario has built lasting relationships worldwide by providing his customers with quality products and outstanding service for over 25 years. Mario’s extensive knowledge in the 12 Volt industry will help promote the Aunex brand globally. Mario leads the company’s international sales department tasked with the responsibility for developing business in Latin America, Europe, Asia, Mexico and Canada. He will also oversee the company’s ongoing expansion efforts into emerging markets. For those that know Mario, they will certainly agree that Mario has a high passion for Cars and Audio which makes him a perfect team member.

Thomas Garcia

Thomas has taken part in the intricacies of growing creative for branding and marketing campaigns throughout the last 12 years. Designing and creating products that help others and are user focused is what make a job his passion. “I love making things that improve the quality of people’s lives. Aunex is audio for the next generation and I am honored to be part of the team.”