Marine Amplifiers

With 4 series of marine amplifiers to choose from, we're certain you'll find the perfect solution for your own unique sound.

AE Series

Aunex Elite Amplifiers (AE Series) The AE Series was designed to provide the highest levels of fidelity within the Aunex brand. With 7 distinct models to select from the application usage is limited only to your imagination. From the ultra-fast switching transistors, fine pitch SMD IC’s, bulk capacitors, oversized transformers to the gold-plated inputs & detents potentiometers, all parts on each AE amplifier has been carefully selected to ensure many years of listening enjoyment.

AMX Series

Aunex Mini IPX Amplifiers (AMX Series) Raising the bar for mini size amplification that can withstand the harsh environments of Powersports or Marine usage, the AMX Series are the perfect addition as they are IPX67 rated. Don’t let the size fool you, these AMX amplifiers pack a mean punch in a 2 channel, 4 channel and 6 channel models. Pigtail connectors are incorporated ensuring a watertight, element ready amplifier solution.

AM Series

Aunex Mini Amplifiers (AM Series) Our AM Series amplifiers are designed with the challenges of providing ample power to drive your system while keeping the overall footprint of the amplifier small. This was achieved by utilizing a 4-layer military spec circuit board incorporating the newest chipset from International Rectifier®. If installation space is limited, don’t settle for any mini amplifier, select the Aunex AM series.

AC Series

Aunex Compact Amplifiers (AC Series) Our AC amplifiers are designed to be one of the industry's most versatile amplifier series. Backed with a wide range of feature sets, the AC amplifiers incorporates the latest design topology, utilizing the newest IR chipsets by International Rectifier®. Whether you are looking to drive multiple coaxials, midranges, tower speakers or subwoofers, there is an AC amplifier that will fulfill your needs perfectly.

Marine Accessories

With an abundance of premium quality elite accessories to choose from, we are certain you'll find the perfect solution for your own unique sound.

AE Accessories

Aunex Elite accessories exceed the American Wire Gauge (AWG) standard as they are overbuilt to supply the necessary current for high power, high performance audio systems while being low resistance for maximum current transfer. AE cables uses 100% Tinned Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) which is both corrosion and rust resistant and is the perfect choice for Marine installations. Audio signal is transferred through premium gold-plated RCA Interconnects and also incorporates advance twinning techniques with results in pure audio signal to be sent from your source unit to your amplifiers. The AE Series further adds 4 layers of advanced shielding to reject unwanted noise from entering through the audio signal path. Also included in the AE series are Premium Amplifier Wiring Kits, RCA Adapters, Fuse Blocks and Battery Ring Terminals.